The net is full of conflicting information about photography–lots of myth and mojo about gear, technique, and artistry.

As a working photographer, I’d like to clear up confusion about many of these things for my fellow pros AND amateurs.  I’ll start with some nuts and bolts stuff and see where your questions lead me.

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Welcome!  Browse around and enjoy!

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  1. Justin Jovellanos

    Hello there!

    I stumbled upon your blog while researching about the D7100.

    I am currently using an 8 year-old D80 and I am now looking to upgrade to either a D7000 or a D7100.
    Apparently, choosing between the two is pretty difficult for me due to these reasons:

    D7000 have AF problems and your blog about it confirms it. Though I heard a local Nikon dealer here in the Philippines that newer D7000s are now good and without the AF issues. Still, it’s hard for me to gamble my money on that camera even if its price is enticing.

    So far the D7100 is a stellar camera, but recently I heard of its issues. Its Toshiba sensor tends to have banding in deep shadows.

    Normally I deliberately underexpose my RAW shots (around -0.3EV to -1.5EV) to preserve highlights and deepen the image’s saturation. Then in Lightroom, I would recover the shadow areas. The question now is, will this methodology be applicable to the D7100?

    I wish to know if you can test your D7100 of this shadow banding.

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