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A whole buncha prints for sale:


I have these prints I need to move out. They’re all flush mounted on 1/4″ thick white foamcore with a plastic hanger on…

Posted by on Thursday, September 17, 2015

the sound of silence

I was debating about whether to shoot some crows in the yard with the GX7 or the D7100.

Same crop factor (in crop mode on the D7100) with either camera, but I’d be adapting the 70-200mm for the GX7, so I’d lose AF.

Grabbed the D7100.

Took a burst of shots and it sounded like the clacking cackle of a crow, instantly scaring all five off.

Next time, I use the GX7. Stealth trumps AF when they’re on the ground!

The racism of photography


True story: modern cameras are racist. Most slide film, with it’s high contrast, was as well. “Kodachrome has great skin tones” was only true for white folks. Digital has actually been better at this for at least 10 years. But not at high sensitivities, and not always with video. And video is tougher to correct in post.

Phone photography

So I happened upon an amazing piece of software for basic adjustments and manipulation of photos on Android devices, called Photomate R2.  It’s a lot like the ACR/LR engine, perhaps with a little less refinement.  But it handles true raw files, and it’s the only Android app I’m aware of that does so.


So I’ve got that wrapped up.


What I haven’t figured out yet, is an app that will allow me quick manual controls of the camera actually in my phone.  Something that will simple direct control of things like exposure/ISO/aperture/WB.


Does such an app exist?


Want lens flare and bokeh like the last Star Trek Movie?  This is the single piece of gear you need to accomplish that:


Seems like their lenses have been pretty solid for video work, so this may be worth checking out.  Of course there’s always the old budget versions kicking around too.


Edit: looks like some folks have a sample vid up already:

A win for DSLRs and people who enjoy concerts!

— Micah (@photomicah) July 9, 2013

I’ve been complaining about being hassled at concerts for a long time.  Especially when they’re expensive ones.  I’m incredibly discreet with a DSLR, and others are taking pictures with their phones anyway…why bother me?

More here at Imaging Resource.

adventures in measurebation

So I finally got around to putting the D7100 through it’s paces…after a month of shooting with it!  I figured it was time to double check my raw presets and make sure that things were looking optimal, and then see how close I can get colors to match up between the D7100 and my D700.

And since I’m doing this all under fairly controlled conditions, why not share the results?

This is from daylight in my skylight on a clear day.  I set my 70-200 (which is performing sub-par these days, but look fine stopped down) on a tripod and used a cable release.  These are my presets, YMMV.  First at 12mp to make things fair for the D700:

Then, let’s compare at 24mp to make things fair for the D7100 (you may have to click the image, since WP wants to scale it down):

I’m kinda shocked at similar they look.  I could push settings either way to give one or the other an advantage.  The D7100 seems a bit noisier (as it should) but…not by much.  What I notice more is the corners look sloppier on the D700 with this lens.  Full size at base ISO for both here:

0_MG2_8103D700 @200

I’m probably going to repeat this or something similar with a friend and his D600.  I’ll post those results here when it happens.  Is this an ok way to present these results?  Feedback?