adventures in measurebation

So I finally got around to putting the D7100 through it’s paces…after a month of shooting with it!  I figured it was time to double check my raw presets and make sure that things were looking optimal, and then see how close I can get colors to match up between the D7100 and my D700.

And since I’m doing this all under fairly controlled conditions, why not share the results?

This is from daylight in my skylight on a clear day.  I set my 70-200 (which is performing sub-par these days, but look fine stopped down) on a tripod and used a cable release.  These are my presets, YMMV.  First at 12mp to make things fair for the D700:

Then, let’s compare at 24mp to make things fair for the D7100 (you may have to click the image, since WP wants to scale it down):

I’m kinda shocked at similar they look.  I could push settings either way to give one or the other an advantage.  The D7100 seems a bit noisier (as it should) but…not by much.  What I notice more is the corners look sloppier on the D700 with this lens.  Full size at base ISO for both here:

0_MG2_8103D700 @200

I’m probably going to repeat this or something similar with a friend and his D600.  I’ll post those results here when it happens.  Is this an ok way to present these results?  Feedback?